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What is the Philip Morris iQOS?

The Philip Morris iQOS is a hybrid between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. This makes it an ideal solution for cigarette smokers that want to change to using electronic cigarettes and the benefits that this brings. It can be a total transition to vaping or an alternative for occasional use.

What makes the Philip Morris iQOS different from normal electronic cigarettes is the use of real tobacco. At this point, you may be thinking that this will be just as dangerous to your health as smoking standard cigarettes, but there is a big difference.

There is no burning of tobacco in the iQOS the same way that a standard cigarette would. With traditional cigarettes the burning of tobacco causes the smoker to inhale harmful combustible materials. The iQOS heats the tobacco but does not burn it. This provides a real tobacco flavor when using electronic cigarettes.

Your iQOS system heats the tobacco to around 350° C and this is enough to create a tobacco vapor. In contrast, a traditional cigarette heats up tobacco to around 800° C which produces smoke and harmful combustibles.

So with the Philip Morris iQOS, the smoker gets the best of both worlds – the safety benefits of using an electronic cigarette and a similar taste to smoking traditional cigarettes. One of the main reasons that smokers give up on electronic cigarettes is that they do not taste the same. iQOS seems like the perfect solution.

The tobacco comes in what Philip Morris calls HEET sticks. They look like traditional cigarettes but are a lot shorter. They contain a mixture of tobacco, nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and other flavorings.

The iQOS user simply inserts the HEET sticks into the electronic cigarette device and then the mixture is heated up to a temperature that is just below combustion. This provides the right flavor that strongly resembles cigarette smoking.

You can only use the HEET sticks one time. The vaping life of each stick is also limited. When you purchase the Philip Morris iQOS system you will either receive a pack of HEET sticks or you will need to purchase a pack as an extra. You can purchase more of these when you run out.


What do you get with the Philip Morris iQOS System?

With your iQOS system purchase, you will receive the vaping device (the holder) which looks like a standard electronic cigarette. We found this to be very comfortable to use and convenient for vaping when you are on the move.

Depending on where you purchase your iQOS you may have to buy the HEET sticks separately. Some suppliers will offer them with the iQOS system. Your iQOS system will certainly include a holder, a charger, a brush for cleaning and some cleaning sticks.

There is an option to charge the iQOS using a USB cable as well. It is also possible to buy a pocket charger for your iQOS which is very convenient. There are other accessories available too such as an iQOS cigarette holder and a hard case for the battery for protection when traveling.

So in summary you can expect to receive the following:

  • The iQOS heating unit – the holder
  • A portable carry case which also is a charger
  • An iQOS charger that plugs into a main electrical outlet
  • A USB cable for charging
  • Sticks for cleaning your iQOS
  • A cleaning brush
  • HEET sticks (sometimes optional)

What is IQOS Heets?

Biopolymer membrane filter (membrane inside the filter): Made of polylactic acid, it is one of the most widely used biopolymers in the world. Extracted from sugar cane or starch, it can remove excess water vapor in the aerosol, thereby reducing the sensory temperature of the aerosol/vapor. Philip Morris International (PMI) rated it suitable for use. In the IQOS test, it was not found that the biopolymer film would release any harmful substances.

Filter: Made of cellulose acetate, similar to cigarette filters. The tube, polymer membrane filter and tobacco plug are packaged in filling paper and fixed on the filter tip by tipping paper.


Tobacco filler: It is specially designed for IQOS, it is mixed with selected real smoke. IQOS replicates many sensory and ritual aspects of smoking, but uses heating instead of burning. It should not be used at the same time as smoking. The average use time is about the same as when smoking, but the tobacco filler is not cigarettes, and it will not be lit with matches or lighters.

Under the heets, aluminum foil is used to prevent the burning of tobacco. The taste of aluminum foil-filled tobacco is very similar to that of standard cigarettes. The presence of aluminum foil will not affect the overall chemical composition of the aerosol produced by IQOS.

Because tobacco only heats and does not burn, IQOS does not produce smoke, but through heating, it produces a kind of smoke from the evaporation of water, glycerin, and nicotine, which has the real taste of tobacco, without fire, ashes, cigarette smoke, and cigarette smell. Glycerin is used in many consumer products (food, medicine, and cosmetics) and is included in the European-approved food ingredient list. It is also approved by health authorities for inhalation products.

Source: uwootech

How many flavors of HEETS are there?

HEETS tobacco sticks are currently 8 flavors available in Dubai: UAE. For all varieties, high-quality tobacco made from the finest tobacco leaves is used. The various HEETS flavors offer a wide variety of tastes.

IQOS Heets Selection Products Name List

  • HEETS Turquoise Selection – turquoise color, strong menthol flavor
  • HEETS Silver Selection – silver, smooth flavor (Korea, RU, UKR).
  • HEETS Bronze Selection – brown color, intense tobacco aroma, almost cigar-like tone
  • HEETS Sienna Selection – red color, distinctive tobacco tone
  • HEETS Amber Selection – orange color, intense flavor with nutty tones
  • HEETS Yellow Selection – yellow color, smooth flavor, citrusy like tones
  • HEETS Green Zing – lime and minty tones (Korea, RU, UKR)
  • HEETS Purple Wave – purple, blueberry, and forest herbs with mint (RU, UKR)
  • HEETS Tropical Swift 
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